Who we are?

Welcome to Sirius Chemical Group., manufacturer and distributor of superior quality cleaning and maintenance products. SCG has been working diligently to create a series of sophisticated products that can’t be matched in terms of versatility, power, safety and affordability. Our goal at SCG is to bring qualified products that are fast, safe, and effective but do not contain hazardous chemicals, which are found in other cleaning products today.

Time and again, SCG has proved that cleaners can be universal, powerful, safe and easy to use, without being hazardous while at the same time, SCG products retain a high quality of performance.
SCG universal products have helped numerous customers improve productivity, trim costs, speed up the cleaning cycle, eliminate unnecessary steps in cleaning procedures , and improve their cleaning services immeasurably. SCG’s success has been achieved through an ability to offer long term solutions to costly problems.

SCG is assured once you have tried our line of products, you will agree that there is no other product on the market today that can do the job better, faster, and more economically. As an added benefit, lpax products create no risk to your health, or our precious environment. Why consider anything else?