Safety is our first priority, both the starting point and foundation for all aspects of our global business operations. Safe transport and storage of products, safe operational practices and safe working conditions enable us to protect our employees, customers, suppliers and the environment.

SCG employs several methods for incorporating safety into our day-to-day operations. First, we adhere to all laws, regulations and standards that govern our operations. We constantly seek to improve our processes, and sharpen our recognition, evaluation and control of hazards. Second, we train and re-train our people to make safety a priority as they carry out their roles and responsibilities.

Responsible Care® is the chemical industry’s global initiative in which companies work together, through their national associations, to continuously improve their SHE performance.

SCG adheres to the guiding principles of Responsible Care, which are:

  • Adherence to legal requirements
  • Management of risk
  • Maintenance of policies and documentation
  • Provision of information
  • Training
  • Emergency response
  • Commitment to ongoing improvements
  • Community interaction