Why Us

Sirius Chemical Group is a leading distributor of chemical and related innovative products and services. We safely deliver chemistry (products, expertise, and relationships) that helps our customers improve the quality of life through:

Affordable Energy:

We help energy companies get natural gas and oil from the ground and to your home for heating. SCG serves the Oil & Gas industry end to end with a comprehensive set of chemistry products and services.

Reliable food sources

SCG provides crop protection and micronutrient products and services to help enhance farmer productivity. We also provide healthy and great tasting food ingredients to food companies, as well as clean and disinfect products to food producers and restaurants. In sum, we help the food industry from the farm to your table to make sure food is plentiful, great tasting, healthy and safe. .

Products that improve our health, homes and environment

From the Glycerine in your toothpaste to the Surfactants in your shampoo, SCG helps you start your day fresh and clean. Univar ingredients also help brighten your laundry, clean your kitchen, and sanitize your hands.